NTP service on ntp0.netinform.hu

This server has been providing public NTP service since Jun 14, 2005.
NTP service is used by clients to syncronise their system clock to good reference clocks over the Internet.
This is a stratum 2 time server.
Set up your ntp client to poll pool.ntp.org. This address maps to many addresses to share the load on all time servers of the pool.
If you have an own time server with a good permanent connection, consider to join the pool!
See more at http://www.pool.ntp.org

And also see some nice charts about the client usage at http://ntp0.netinform.hu/mrtg/ntp.html.

Additionally, this is how the pool maintainers score this time server: http://web.pool.ntp.org/scores/?ip=

Contact: ntp@netinform.hu